We care for this planet as much as we care for the people of this Planet. It reflects in everything we do - ensuring the raw meterials we use are organically grown and eco friendly in every aspect. We use clean sustainable energy over a long period of time. Our renewable energy sources like hydroelectric, solar and wind energy produce far less pollution.

Renewable sources of energy

We have initiated the statutory processes to utilize the Green Power generated for our own use. Precisely why we generate green energy through our wind turbines and solar energy through our solar panels.



We have Caustic Recovery Plant of UNITOP make & waste water energy source machine of Italian POZZI which help us in thriving our Sustainable energy management!!!


Not only the dyeing effluent, we do all the below energy recycling :

HRS (Heat Recovery System) – Efficient energy recovery system which recovers heat from processed hot drain, indirectly helping effluent treatment plant also Using Italian made Pozzi machine

PRS (Pressure Reducing Station) – We follow the good steam engineering practice of generating steam at high/maximum working pressure, distribute to process with constant required pressure to safe guard process and equipment.

CRS (Condensate Recovery System) – Increased boiler feed water temperature by quick transfer of condensate from heat process instead of draining to ETP, it can lead to significant savings of energy, chemical treatment and make-up water.

CRP (Caustic Recovery Plant) - Our Caustic Recovery Plants convert a large proportion of diluted caustic soda into useful concentrated caustic soda to enable : Energy costs, Control, Reliability and Safety. Our plants are effective to recover caustic from the Waste material - high Caustic, having a high purity level, also this will reduce the effluent load.

PBS (Pressure Boosting System)  Hot & Cold - Circulation pressure boost system with constant pressure through out the process line which will increase production efficiency and reduce the power/down time/manpower, this is fully automatic controlled by PLC.

Product sustainability