We care for this planet as much as we care for the people of this Planet. It reflects in everything we do - ensuring the raw meterials we use are organically grown and eco friendly in every aspect. We use clean sustainable energy over a long period of time. Our renewable energy sources like hydroelectric, solar and wind energy produce far less pollution.

Renewable sources of energy

We have initiated the statutory processes to utilize the Green Power generated for our own use. Precisely why we generate green energy through our wind turbines and solar energy through our solar panels.



The textile industry alone utilizes around 28.8 billion litres of ground water, which is around 0.1% of present total water potential, and 1% of present water demand of the state of Tamil Nadu. Heavy utilization of ground water has severely depleted the ground water table in Karur. Presently, the water needs of the textile wet processing industries are met by the supply of water through from open and bore wells. In the past 2-3 years, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control board has closed 350 dyeing Units all over Tamil Nadu in order to stop water pollution in the state.
At Atlas, we understand the implications of dyeing process on the plant and hence, we’re deploying an effluent detox plant.

Our Dyeing facility has a detox certified, 100% effluent treatment plant. The facility has been upgraded from Conventional machines, which has reduced Water and Energy consumptions.
We have implemented Zero Hazardous Discharge chemical system in our dyeing facility. Our dyeing facility is of Zero Discharge of polluted water by the biological treatment process in combination with membrane systems to reuse the water.
We recycle over 5 million litres per year, and meet around 90% of water needs by recycling alone and the balance waste becomes a sludge. And the sludge created by aerated drying is used as one of the raw material for Cement manufacturing.

Product sustainability

Atlas Export Enterprises


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